• Lasers - 4,000 MW Full Color Lasers - Animations and Beams- Personalized Logos and Messages.

  • Lighting - Intellegent Lighting, moving head lights, LED panels, washes, strobes. 

  • Sound - 9,000 Watts of Sound - Crown Amps and JBL Speakers.

  • DJ Intro - Playing high energy music that will make booty shake.

  • Stage design - Trussing setups to match every mood.

  • Event  - Bring us in for one night or more.
  • Rental - Already know how to use the equipment? We offer daily, weekly and Monthly rental options
  • Leasing -  Monthly services at affordable prices. On-site installation and training.
  • Installation - Want to buy your own equipment?  We design, install and train.
  • DJ  - DJ services provided for any event.
  • Stage design - Make your event spectacular, leave the the work to us. We tailor to each venue.
  • Laser Billboard - Do you have a large surface to project laser animations and words onto?  Nothing attracts more attention than a moving constantly changing laser billboard.